Natural Health Solutions As Natural Cure For Diabetes Posted By : Philip Leighton

Dr Fedon Lindberg, a Norwegian endocrinologist, who has treated more than 18,000 diabetic patients in his four clinics in his home country, is one of the leading Zoplay Shopsy proponents of new dietary approach in treating diabetics, has this to say My experience with type 2 diabetic patients is that a balanced low-glycaemic diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle can reverse the disease. No doubt this is a natural cure for diabetes.

You Can Have Diabetes and Still Exercise Posted By : WillieG

Living with diabetes is a challenge unto itself, but maintaining a regular exercise regimen as a diabetic is much more difficult knowing, when to eat, and what, when to traditional funeral services cressona pennsylvania take insulin, and how much, when to exercise, and how vigorously. These are all valid and important issues for a diabetic athlete, and hopefully this article sheds some light on this issue.