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Snowboards are built for many different types of terrain and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a park rat, a big mountain hound, taller or shorter we’ll help you find the right snowboard that fits you and your style of riding. Nothing’s worse than riding a narrow board with a size 14 foot on the best powder day of your life.

Meltdown Tip: Bigger isn’t always better. It’s harder to learn to ride on a longer board than it is on a shorter board. Get a board that fits you and your level of riding. You will progress much quicker this way.

Snowboard boots are your friends. They are the most important piece of equipment when it comes to putting in a full day on hill. A warn down boot with a lot of movement results in having to work harder to get the board on edge. When this happens fatigue sets in much faster. A new pair of boots will improve your riding and allow you to last a lot longer on the hill.

Meltdown Tip: Unlace your boots down to your ankle when hanging out in the chalet or walking around the village. Excessive walking in tightened boots breaks them down much quicker.

Snowboard bindings transfer your energy directly into the snowboard. Big mountain riders often choose a stiff binding, which limit movement but increase energy flow, where Freestyle riders often choose a softer binding, which shift and bend with the body. Bindings don’t fit all boots, so get a boot and binding combination that compliment each other.

Meltdown Tip: Loosen and slightly rotate the highback so it runs parallel with the heel edge of your snowboard. This allows for your boot and leg to cover more of the highback, increasing responsiveness.

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